Voice Lessons


Private voice lessons are available for students aged 12-years-old and above. Students under the age of 12 may be accepted on an auditioned basis. Vocal training focuses on developing your natural voice healthfully. Our teachers will guide you in releasing tension and manipulation, and learning how to fully engage the body and breath. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional, our teachers will meet you where you are and tailor their instruction to help you meet your goals.  

We restrict the age of voice students for one simple reason: the vocal mechanism is not adequately developed in younger singers to be served by private voice lessons. When students are more grounded in their bodies and are beginning to go through puberty, they are more capable of significant, measurable gains in the development of their instrument. Younger children may love to sing, but private voice lessons focused solely on vocal technique can be extremely harsh on young, undeveloped vocal chords. Students under the age of 12 interested in music should consider piano lessons or choral activities to build a strong foundation for future musical studies!