Piano Lessons


You know that saying, “It’s never too late to learn?” Well, with piano lessons, it’s true! Piano lessons are a worthwhile investment at any age, and there is a growing body of scientific research that shows learning an instrument can decrease anxiety, alleviate depression and fatigue, increase memory and verbal communication, and build cognition. Click HERE to learn more. Learning piano is similar to learning another language – an international language that can be used to communicate across the globe. People of all cultures appreciate the sound and beauty of music and it’s magical ability to speak without using words. Piano specifically has been loved since it’s inception, first created around 1700. Today, the 88 keys that create 7 full octaves on a standard piano still continue to be a very popular instrument for music students to learn.

Piano lessons are an incredible way to start your child on their musical journey as well. In addition to being a fun recreational activity, music education has a profound impact on the developing brain. Children can learn to increase focus and attention, connect more easily to emotions, improve academic skills and creativity, and enhance discipline and a sense of responsibility. Research also shows that children who engage in music from an early age are better able to detect subtle changes in tone – in both music and speech – which makes them better listeners! Listening is a critical life skill for all professions, no matter what the trade or discipline. Well trained listeners are also capable of better relationship skills, as they are more attuned to other peoples voices. This helps determine meaning from subtle and overt tones from speakers, friends, family and co-workers. Take your listening skills and your keyboard skills to the next level and sign-up for piano lessons today!